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9 thoughts on “ Freddy Fresh - They Cant Compete (Vinyl)

  1. Freddy Fresh – They can’t compete Me&you – The hoop loop DJ Tron – Mumbai manifest DJ Tron – Theme from Thunderdogs Kokolo – Donkey. Guest Mix in session featuring DJ FLORIAN KELLER. Cresa Watson – Dead Odell Brown & The Organizers – Think About It Guys & Dolls – Ain’t That A Shame Ruth Brown – You’re A Stone Groovy Thing.
  2. They failed to adapt their business to fit the modern market and now it's dying (again). That's how this capitalism thing works. They can't hope to compete with the internet for convenient access to music so they need to work out what they're going to .
  3. It's refreshing to see them kill it without using Serato or a Macbook Pro. (At least the times I've gone.) *Note: If you are reading this review and know of lounges or clubs where DJs often play straight vinyl and either one of the genres noted above, please message me! Last Saturday, I rolled with a crew to hear King Otto and Freddy Fresh spin Yelp reviews.
  4. Feb 26,  · Like if I wanted, "Ah, this stuff is really fresh!" I had to go get Fab 5 Freddy's "Change the Beat". Before that record I never had anything that had all the tools there for me.
  5. freddie fresh - analogical mind. ( djungle fever ) 2x12" green + orange vinyls a1 brain dance a2 barn storm b1 stormcloud b2 labyrinth c1 huh .
  6. But the Stereo MCs, who first exploded with the single "Connected," move from the sumptuous jungle of Red Snapper to the blunted beats of Herbaliser and the old-school hip-hop of Freddy Fresh without blinking an eye. The collection is a study in eclectic range-funk, soul, big beat, and hip-hop; new and old come to the fore with little care for /5(15).
  7. Feb 18,  · A very nice little Big Beat label from Freddy Fresh. Began in with a release of him and Fatboy Slim duelling out in 'Badder Badder Schwing', there is also releases by Dyamo Productions, MPC Genius (a Fresh Pseudonym), Krafty Cuts, The All Good Funk Allience, Lord 69, Mike Gates and Rory Hoy.
  8. Whatever the music needs, an experienced mastering engineer can intuitively make it happen – they must feel the vibe first to know the best approach to master an album! The best album mastering service is a human expert. Mastering an album is not a “1-size fits all” task that can be properly achieved with technical metering alone.

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