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  1. ThumbStroke shows advantages in typing accuracy and user perceptions in comparison to Escape and QWERTY and results in faster typing speed than QWERTY for sight-free text entry. 1. Introduction Many current mobile interfaces are designed based on GUIs of desktop computers for users with full visual.
  2. thumbstroke thumbstrokes: thumbsucker thumbsuckers thumbtack thumbtacked thumbtacking thumbtacks (current term) thumbwheel thumbwheels thumby thump: thump-thump thump-thumps thump out thumped thumper thumpers thumping thumpingly thumpings thumpity.
  3. thumbstroke. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. English Etymology. thumb +‎ stroke. Noun. thumbstroke (plural thumbstrokes) a stroke of the strings (of a guitar for example) made with the thumb;.
  4. Jun 22,  · Paul started out using mostly just his fingers, though he’d use plectrums when he had them, or when it was necessary. As their songs became faster and his bass lines more intricate, he started using plectrums more often. On one of their studio out.
  5. 1. The double thumb stroke is a technique commonly used in the classical guitar repertoire. 2. It must be executed with precision to be effective.
  6. Text entry via ThumbStroke completely relies on the directions of thumb strokes at any place on the screen of a mobile device. It does not require physical press on any specific keys, thus eliminating the need for visual attention and reducing errors due to tiny key size, fat thumbs, limited thumb reachability, and visual occlusion.
  7. Nov 05,  · AHIM Australian Hub for Indian Music Inc Uday-Classical Acoustic Guitar Ratheesh-Thumbstroke Bass Reeju-Pianos and Keys Shane-Synth and Keys Shaan-Analog Technokit Mayuresh-MiddleEastern Kit.

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