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8 thoughts on “ Kids In Counterfeit - The Bon Scotts - We Will All Die At The Hands Of C​.​G​.​I. (CD, Album)

  1. Bon Scott signing an autograph in Sydney, Australia, November Bon Scott, the original vocalist for AC/DC, died 35 years ago. We all know his voice, that miraculous screech that makes classics like “Highway to Hell” and “T.N.T.” pop even now, but we don’t often see pictures of him.
  2. Independent Music Award for Best Album - College Record Label Release (Album or EP) Potential Unlimited The Bon Scotts: We Will All Die at the Hands of C.G.I. Independent Music Award for Best Album - Indie or Alternative Rock Deaths & Marriages (Limited Edition Handmade CD-Pack) Qing-Yang Xiao: Macy Chen \u After 75 Years: Visual.
  3. 3. The Bon Scotts – We Will All Die At The Hands Of C.G.I. 4. Go Go Sapien – This Body Is Wrong For Us 5. Emma Hamilton – La Musique 6. Rosaline Yuen – Tiny Goddess 7. Susan Lily – Butterfly Best Ep’s. 1. Steph Hannah – Mouthful Of Water 2. Celadore – The Bright And Blue 3. Ten Thousand – Tales From The Wasteland 4. Seasons.
  4. Jul 12,  · (thanks, Alexander Baron – London, England, for all above) 9-The last individual who saw Bon Scott alive was Alistair Kinnear, another artist and a companion of Bon’s on and off sweetheart. It was felt that Kinnear vanished or even didn’t exist, however he was reached and met in .
  5. The band's legendary status is believed to be largely due to the period spent with Bon Scott as the band's lead singer. Yet Bon Scott was also an excessive drinker and this would ultimately lead to tragedy. After a night of heavy drinking, Bon died in a car parked outside a friend's flat in South London sometime on February 19,
  6. Nov 22,  · The collaboration between Bon Scott and AC/DC on their epic album, “Back In Black”, remains an intriguing riddle. Still unclear and unsolved to this day. How much did Bon Scott inspire this.
  7. Photo by Richard McCaffrey. AC/DC frontman Bon Scott wore an oval-shaped Lynyrd Skynyrd belt-buckle often onstage and off during , his last full year alive.

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