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9 thoughts on “ Seven Behind Nine Ninety-Seven Sixteen Or Seven (alternate)

  1. Duets is just that, a series of duos with the two reed masters and old buddies from the AACM, with Mitchell composing the pieces on the first side of the vinyl issue and Braxton penning those on side B. Mitchell's run the gamut, beginning with the darkly gorgeous opener that features Braxton's contrabass clarinet nestling evocatively beneath the composer's earthy flute.8/
  2. Seven of Nine appears to take place during the fifth season of the show, and Seven of Nine has been onboard for about one year. Finally, a book starring the most popular character on Star Trek: Voyager. What I really liked about this book was how it tied into one of the episodes of the television series where Seven saw a raven/5(27).
  3. (A/N, I’m almost % sure that this did not happen in the Canon so I was going to change it but then I though frick it. I think that, in the books, he communicates with the Death Eaters via enchanted coins, like Dumbledore’s Army, but I haven’t mentioned them before and I don’t plan on having them ruin my plot so I’m not doing this the Canon way. Besides, this is a fanfiction, like.
  4. Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01 (or Seven for short) was a Human female, and former Borg drone, born in Born Annika Hansen, she was assimilated, along with her parents, in , but was later liberated by the crew of the USS Voyager in In the following years she began to reclaim her humanity, but still preferred to go by her Borg designation rather than her given name.
  5. Seven of Nine is the love interest of The Doctor and later Chakotay from Star Trek: Voyager. She was first seen arriving on the starship Voyager as Kathryn Janeway forged an alliance with the Borg. She was assigned by the Collective to work with the Voyager crew, as Chakotay took Janeway's place while Janeway was injured. She wanted the crew to go to another cube. However, Chakotay would not.
  6. Read Seven from the story Malignant [h.s] by happydays1d (sucker baby) with , reads. zayn, wattys, fiction. Well I burnt breakfast. I tried to make.
  7. Read Seven from the story Future Days {Hermione Granger} by TomasLannister with 1, reads. remuslupin, hermione, fleu.
  8. "Line Fine Lyon Seven" (Mitchell) - "Seven Behind Nine Ninety-Seven Sixteen or Seven" (Mitchell) - "Cards-Three and Open" (Mitchell) - "Composition 40Q" (Anthony Braxton) - "Composition 74B" (Braxton) - "Composition 74A" (Braxton) - ; Recorded at Thunder Sound in Toronto, Canada on December 13, ; PersonnelGenre: Jazz.
  9. Nine sixty sixty-two seventy-three ten thirty right everywhere nine sixty and sixteen and sixty minutes one thousand one thousand one thousand one thousand 70 - my sixty-seven half a year now thousand today I'd like to - , 70 - - - - - From 90 to three.

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