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8 thoughts on “ Kurtis Blow - Deuce (Vinyl, LP, Album)

  1. Jan 17,  · Kurtis Blow followed up his self-titled debut with another album of that funk/disco based hip hop. The album doesn't have many hit singles, only Starlife is included on the Best of. The whole A side is excellent but the album starts slackin off at the end.3/5(8).
  2. "Basketball" is a song that was written by William Waring, Robert Ford, Kurtis Blow, J. B. Moore, Jimmy Bralower, and Full Force and recorded by Kurtis Blow released in from his album Ego Trip. The video game NBA 2K12 used the song during the introduction.
  3. This album was one of the first full-length hip-hop records ever released. It's also got "The Breaks" on it and no shortage of the sing-song storytelling/party-rocking vibe that characterizes the earliest hip-hop .
  4. Kurtis Blow's debut album was the 2nd hip hop LP ever released following the debut album of the Sugarhill Gang. He was also the first rapper to be signed to a major label. He was the first rapper to appear on the cover of an album creating the first image of the rapper to the nation-wide public.
  5. Sep 07,  · Kurtis Blow's self-titled debut album is now being re-released on gold vinyl! Re-mastered from the original analog tape, this LP features the hip-hop classic "The Breaks" and was the first hip-hop record to be certified Gold/5(4).
  6. Kurtis Blow stuck to his pioneering hustle, releasing almost an album per year through the early ‘80s. But this debut, the self-titled Kurtis Blow was a major milestone in not only his career; it helped swing doors wide open for the commercialization of hip-hop, which would lead .
  7. Sirs: I was about 15 years old as I bought that record. It was an astounding experience. Maybe today it sounds a little old-fashioned, but then I think it's a shame "Deuce" is not available on XXI-century media.5/5(1).

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